Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tucked Away Review


The following is a review by my dear friend who is a writer and a photographer (and owner of the original painting).
Check her out at http://www.flickr.com/photos/_rn/

Wispy hair frames an expression unreadable by passersby while leaves crunch under feet anxious for homecoming. Her scarf reminisces a delicate fragrance meant to charm senses and intertwines with the crisp Autumn breeze.  She’s almost there…
…and Tucked Away becomes part of my home, part of a collection that represents the beauty artists are ALWAYS able to eloquently reveal.  Vibrant-colored emotion captured by my dear friend, Boston, now occupies a wall once unadorned.  If I could somehow translate what it is to be owner of this piece of art, I’d happily write pages and pages but alas, we haven’t the space or time. Incidentally, if I claimed I wasn’t biased to this particular artist, my pants would thoroughly catch on fire!
Nevertheless, I confidently commend Ms. Misty on this rather exquisite piece of art.  Packaged safely, eagerly received, it’s with pride I continue to promote her work!


  1. Your comment in my blog... "Thought posting once a week was too much."... Obviously, you must have been kidding. -chuckle-

    I'm one of those bloggers who seems to be able to post daily, and I like reading blogs, which do so, too.

    I get tired of emo bloggers who have a *terrrrrrrrible* time, finding something to post about. And they occasionally moan, whine and cry about this. -giggles- How can anyone not have some thought come into her head, in each 24 hours, which could be an entry in her blog?


  2. Fantastic Misty! I agree sooooooooooooo much ;o) Big Hugs ;o)

  3. Lovely painting and terrific review! Isn't it great to have such an eloquent supporter of your art?

  4. That's lovely Misty, it's so great when someone really appreciates your work

  5. Hi Aunt Amelia,
    I was actually serious when I said that I thought posting once a week might be too much for me... I'd hate to overstay my welcome. ;)

    Hugs, Stacy!

    Hi Debra and Eimear, it is an AMAZING feeling to have such a fantastic supporter... muses! :D


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