Monday, May 2, 2011

Fire Dancers

I've created some fire dancers...

Fire Dancer (poem by Jezibell)
She does not speak in words,
But in meaning.
She is radiant motion,
Leaping beauty.

Gold-clad and slinky,
She undulates with the flame,
Sparkling and crackling.

She is the gypsy Goddess,
The tireless traveler.
She appears where she is needed
To light,
To heat,
To heal.

She is joy!
Wide-eyed, bright-smiled,
Burning pure,
Dancing passion.
Even her tears are illuminations.

She spins within the worlds,
From the blazing burst of the comets,
To the fiery forge in the heart of the earth.

Yet she is as close as a candle.


  1. Perfect for the fire festival of Beltane!

  2. Sweet! I had no idea about this festival until you mentioned it!! and I'm almost right on time too!

  3. Excellent Misty! I love it! I love the movement and I love the poem!! Yes, it is perfect for Beltane!

  4. Thanks Stacy!! :) I did the drawing but didn't write the poem, it was written by a Jezibell.

  5. I believe your drawing enhances the poem chica! You're on FIYAH!!!

  6. I agree, you're on FIYAH!!!! And, your drawing does enhance the poem!


Thank you for your comment! :)