Friday, October 28, 2016

You give me butterflies...

I've been playing in my art journal lately.  This week I got some butterflies...

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Also releasing art to be abandoned in Ohio thanks to a swap at

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Friday, September 16, 2016



For Paint Party Friday this week I created a buddha with mantras in the background.

There are 4 mantras on this and they are:

I am enlightening.  I am strengthening.  I am mending.  I am repairing.  I am healing.  I am reviving the peace and love within me.  

I open to the fullness of my power.  I live my life with integrity.  I have the power to manifest my dreams.  Whatever I do is more than enough.  I am enough just as I am!  In challenging situations I am relaxed and focused on positive outcomes.  I am at peace with myself.  I harness my personal power.  I can.  I will.  I do.  

I am loved.  Everything I do, I do with love.  I am receptive and open to receiving love.  My heart is healing, my needs fulfilled.  I let go of all resentments.  I forgive others and ask forgiveness and lovingly let go of the past.  I allow the abundance of the universe to pour into my heart.  

I am bountiful, blissful and beautiful; bountiful, blissful and beautiful I am.  

May you walk in love and light.
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Friday, September 9, 2016

Zen Sisters - Art Journal and Paint Party Friday

It's Paint Party Friday!

I created these zen sisters and gave them a mixed media spread in my art journal.

A reminder to take flight in all my dreams, to seize the day and to treat my inner art critic self with tenderness .

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Friday, September 2, 2016

Mermaid Stencil

I've been enjoying creating and playing with stencils lately.  Recently I did a mermaid stencil (here she is with a buddha stencil).

Today is Paint Party Friday!!

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Art on the Brewery Walls in Jamaica Plain, MA May 14, 2016

On the evening of May 14th, 2016 the Jamaica Plain Arts Council and Jamaica Plain Neighborhood Development Corporation will project artists' images onto the outside walls of Jamaica Plain's Brewery Complex - 30 Germania Street in Jamaica Plain, MA. People will be able to view the art in a relaxed, exciting atmosphere, while enjoying live music, food and drink from local JP establishments. I have some images of my artwork that will be displayed in the slide show on the side of the Brewery! Come by and say hi! 

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Sunday, April 24, 2016

Mother's Day 2016 - May 8 Your Art Inc.'s Bazaar at Club Cafe Boston

Special for ArtWeek, join us for an artist talk and review artisans' slide shows and any other media projected on the walls during Into Your Art Inc.’s Mother’s Day Bazaar.The Bazaar will display and sell jewelry, accessories, ceramics, pottery, body & beauty products, crafts, art, and more from 12 to 15 artisans. This event is created to recognize and celebrate mothers through providing an art experience that showcases artistic works and products that mothers enjoy. Guests will be receiving 20% off Club Café Boston annual Mother’s Day Brunch. Guests can use, try on and/or buy artistic work or products at the bazaar and will enjoy Club Café Boston food and beverages.
Come by and say hi!! 

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Sunday, February 7, 2016

Mermaid with Starfish

This is a mixed media mermaid...
I started on a sheet of thin paper with pencil, then oil pastels...
glued it to a 16x20 canvas and painted it with acrylics.
Then I added tissue paper for dimension, gluing and painting it on with liquitex.
Lastly I sprayed some glitter :)
why not?
a little glitter in winter goes a long way! :)

Friday, January 1, 2016

Sun Flower Half Face Painting #101

I just realized I never posted about my mixed media Sun Flower Half Face painting.
It was a work in progress that I just let my heart and mind play with... the colors, patterns, textures were all created as I let my mind wander... as you can see it was a long process to finally achieve the final creation!  Now I need to create another with the other side of the face! :)