Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I dream...

What do you dream about?

I sleep a lot a lot a lot. 
I ♥ my bed!
I probably sleep more than the average person and would sleep more if I could!
The only problem with my sleeping is that I dream a lot a lot a lot, probably more than the average person.  Sometimes my dreams haunt me, I have a lot of nightmares.  My Psychology of Sleep and Dreams professor told me creative people are prone to nightmares.  Maybe I should be satisfied with that concept, but my nightmares still plague me.

I’ve created this as a girl who is sleeping/dreaming… but in reality it’s me daydreaming… about either being at home in my comfy bed or lounging on the beach. J

I ask the question again… what do you dream about?

I have a blank sketch ready to receive answers:


  1. Hi Misty,
    I'm so glad you stopped by my blog now I'm introduced to your blog. Your art is so beautiful and soulful. I've always been a "dreamer" not necessarily in the day dream sense, although I do day dream..But my dream life has always been extremely vivid and sometimes frightening. If a person has had a lot of trauma in the past (abuse of any type) and I don't know that you have, but they tend to have more nightmares than people who've lead a relatively happy life. It's also part of the artistic soul. However, I am now in therapy with a Jungian and I'm guessing you know a little bit about Carl Jung if you're taking classes on psych. and dreams. Since, I've been in therapy with my current therapist, my dreams have altered a lot! I still wake up from painful and sometimes scary dreams, but it's strange how they're transforming so much and don't leave me feeling exhausted and overwhelmed as much as I used to. So, perhaps one day you'll be able to work with a counselor who practices dream work. Would love to see more art of your dreams. Sorry, I wrote such a long book here ;)

  2. Misty, beautiful painting! I truly love your art! You know, I dream alot to! I actually day dream alot as well! Sometimes, I am sitting and I just fade away. At night, I dream about so many things! And, I wonder what they mean? Could be a guy? Sometimes, I find myself in highschool and I keep forgeting my locker combination, so I am late for class! LOL! Other times, buildings are falling down, or I am flying. I really try to remember them! Have a great day my friend ;o)

  3. Hey misty, love that painting, I too love my bed and I love sleeping.....I love curling up into my cosy bed at night....dreams, off the top of my head can't recall my dream from last night...that's happening alot at the moment, not remembering them, may come back to me later today....

  4. Hi Wendy!
    I'm thrilled I was finally able to post a comment on your blog! Its only taken me several tries over the past month! ;)
    I appreciate your open and honest comment! It's the type of response I was looking for!
    I plan to do more sleeping girls and dream art and hope to see more of you along my ride. :)

  5. Hi Stacy!
    hahahaa oh man, the high school dreams scare the beejeezus out of me! I always feel so out of place (do I realize subconsciously I'm an adult or is my subconscious expressing how painful high school was for me - just so awkward at that age)!
    Oh, and flying is one of the common themes for dreams (I love those dreams btw)...
    now you have me daydreaming... :)

  6. Hi Eimear!
    Sounds like we play in the same boat! :D

    oh and btw to you and Stacy, there are methods you can practice to teach yourself to better remember your dreams if you are interested. :)
    Try keeping a dream journal for starters. :)

  7. My dreams are really random. Great idea incorporating yours into your art... maybe it will help with your nightmares?

    Thanks for all of the comments on my blog!

  8. random? mine are random too peppered with my reality. :) I will probably always have nightmares and I'm accepting it...
    and your blog is lovely! :)

  9. I have a lot of sexy, dark and bloody dreams. My writing is a very good reflexion of my dreams. I dream about life with LOTS of color a mayhem.

  10. P.S. I love the way you use sharp colors. Your reds are always a treat. Oh, and I'm framing one of the cards you send me because I like it that much. I'll blog about it soon!

  11. ooooooh Magaly, your dreams sound so mysterious!!!
    and YAY! I'm so glad you liked one of the cards that much! thank you! :)


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