Thursday, August 25, 2011

wood girl with crown

Touch-ups and finishing touches on pieces in preparation for September!

This was painted on a wood block
24 inches wide, 5 inches high and 1 inch thick

the back:


  1. She looks blissfully free; that is what I love most about your art. There is something unique about the sense of freedom and happiness your ladies put in my heart when I look at them.

  2. Thank you Magaly, I really appreciate that!! :) It means that I'm getting across the feeling I have when I create! :)

    Thank you Debra! :)

  3. Wow Misty, she is beautiful! I love her! Maybe you could do some smaller ones for you store??? Hint ;o) Wink ;o) I agree with Magaly, your ladies always look free and happy! Hugs ;o)

  4. there's a serenity and joy about her that comes through so beautifully.

  5. haha! Okay Stacy, I'll work on that! ;)
    I'm glad they look free and happy! :)

    Hi Joss,
    Thank you *so* much!!! :D

  6. She looks at ease and at peace. Really nice!!

  7. The gold crown gives it that special touch!! Simply mahvelous!!!

  8. Peaceful is nice, right Woodwife? :)

    Yes, thanks to a little bird I know! Thanks Nancy!


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