Thursday, August 4, 2011

L♥ve Thyself

This week's creative space is a little self l♥ve.

This above all:  To thine own self be true.
-- Polonius in Hamlet

I think this has some Roger Casanova influence. :)

and now a sketch...

This was inspired by this

Matisse Circle
The Full Body Project

Leonard Nimoy

Leonard Nimoy (Spock from Star Trek) who is now a photographer.
He did a book titled "The Full Body Project, view it here.  


  1. Simply lovely! I've seen some of Spock's pictures and life through his eyes looks impressive. Of the women in the pic, the one with her head down and leg up is my favorite; she looks free and that is a beautiful sight ;-)

  2. Hi Magaly!
    I was truly fascinated when I saw his photos... Funny enough, she is my favorite too. ;)

  3. Beautiful pictures. I especially love the first one.

  4. Misty, I love this post ;o) Thank you! And, thank you Spock! It's nice to see people in all different sizes, enjoying life, not being put down or being made fun of. For me, this is really special!

  5. Oh, and I love your self love too! It flows beautifully into the painting of Spock's!

  6. Beautiful work on "Love Thyself"!! Love it! I would have never conceived such a treat!! :)

  7. Beautiful work...self love is so important.

    Whoa...I never know Spock was a photographer(not logical hehe)...go figure...I love this pic!

  8. This is a really lovely and happy image :)

  9. hahaha, c'mon Casanova, you are the KING of expressing love through art! ;)

    Thanks Jo-Ann! Definitely go check out Leonard Nimoy's stuff-- he has a way with a camera!

    Thanks Halina! I appreciate it! :D


  10. Stacy, your comments brought me lots of smiles! :D Thanks for the love!

  11. Lovely blog! I am a new follower and also swap buddy for sunshine in the mail by seaweedandrain! Just thought I'd say hello!

  12. Hi Sam! :D Yay! Welcome! *does a happy dance*

  13. love, love, love the sketch!!!! made me smile and dance.

  14. :D Thank you Joss!! :D *dancing with you*


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