Wednesday, April 6, 2011


More kitty madness...
Princess (the model):

and zebra stripes excited me, soo....


  1. Fantastic Misty!! I love your paintings and I love Princess! Have a great day!

  2. So sweet of you to say! :) Thank you Stacy!!!

  3. Brilliant! i love cat drawings / art work, the cats themselves provide such brilliant poses/shapes!

  4. Misty, this is so cute, great silhouette of Princess! Hey I saw you are joining the 'Witches in Fiction' Party too, it's so exciting, see you there ;)

  5. Hi Eimear!
    I agree, cats provide interesting poses and shapes to work with! And my 2 cats are silly which provides me with lots of giggling... So much fun! :)

    Hi Shelle!
    Yes! I've joined the "Witches in Fiction" party! :D I've been swirling with ideas! Can't wait to see what you and everyone else come up with! See you there! :)

    Everyone else:
    If you'd like to join the "Witches in Fiction" party, click on the icon that sits on the right of this page for more details. :D

  6. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! I adore both your fanciful and real kitties. .or, maybe they are one and the same! lol They are magical creatures, that's for sure! (And Princess is gorgeous!!)


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