Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Earth Day!

Remember this (click here to see pencil sketch)

It now looks like this

Happy Earth Day everybody!!!!

Turn off your computer, go hug a tree and plant some flowers!

(and Happy Birthday to me!)


  1. What a beautiful earthy girl! Happy birthday girly!

  2. Big Hugs and Happy Birthday My Earth Girl Friend ;o) What a special day!!! Take Care ;o))

  3. That's gorgeous, I remember when you posted the beginnings of it...happy birthday!

  4. you totally brought Earth Girl to life!!! Love it...

  5. Oh, my friend! I figured I'd start here while I begin my very long day – nothing like whimsically beautiful art alongside a steaming cup of tea to start the morning.

    Though I am posting this message a little late (teehee), a very happy birthday I send to you. There’s much to celebrate this day – other than an excuse to eat cake and drink! – and your friendship hits top two! You’ve that person ready with a straight answer (just sayin’), no kidding around - it is what it is! It’s appreciated more than you think. But then flip it around and bam! I’ve the sweetest roommate holed up in the cave with me. Who could ask for any more?

    Okay enough already! I’m so happy you posted the photo on your birthday – it fits so well, holy cow. It’s even better seeing it posted. I adore it!


  6. (I see a typo already..ugh)


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