Monday, July 18, 2011

Roger Casanova - The Artist

For my birthday this year I treated myself to some art from Roger Casanova, whom I've been enamored with since the first time I stumbled into his shop.  When my package arrived, I was squealing in delight!!!   Not only are his art pieces created with passion depicting loving embraces but the package itself was mailed with such care, such l♥ve!  It took me a bit to get them framed but now that they are, I couldn't resist sharing!   Take a looksie!

Encassed in heavy, sturdy cardboard were these little beauties,
wrapped in tissue paper and tied with ribbon in lovely thick portfolios:
 Close-up of his business card (links at the bottom of this post):

I framed them in black frames showing a white gap
(and enclosing his portfolio covers because they were mounted so beautifully with what looks like torn-edge, I hear its called "deckle edge" a bit hard to see in the photos) 

This drawing is titled "Love All Ways"
Not "love always", but "Love ALL ways"! This art piece took a little more time to produce. A bit more intricate than my other "heart art". Recreating yet another moment of what should be a beautiful time in sharing our love and love of life with those we enjoy sharing it with.
This drawing is titled "El Sueno (The Dream)"
Pronounced (Swen-yo)

For those who love to dream...for those that are moved by dreams...for those that believe SHE IS "the dream"! The inspiration for this piece mainly came from my believing that "she is" the dream. Everything about her makes her truly beautiful...and forever in our hearts.

This drawing is titled "She Loves Me"
A moment in time we should always cherish. When you don't think about anything else...when all that matters is the love she gives...and the love she takes.

All three drawings:

Please take a moment to visit Roger and consider making a purchase... I guarantee you won't be disappointed!


  1. Wow Misty, they are amazing! These are all originals you got?? I can't stop looking at them! Fantastic!

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  3. Prints are gorgeous and you have displayed them beautifully! Casanova's pieces are extraordinary!

  4. Misty, you know I already told you how much I love what you did with my work...which is YOURS of course!! :) You did truly awesome!! Looks like I've got my own frame work cut out for me!! Now I gotta keep up with your creativity!! I love your artwork too!!! there's a lot of emotion and love in it!! Keep doing it...don't let go! - Casanova

  5. Roger, it was my pleasure! You inspire me! :)


Thank you for your comment! :)