Friday, February 18, 2011

new place to call home


I was recently involved in the One World One Heart journey

(what a fantastic and fun whirlwind) and quickly realized that EVERYONE had a blog here.  Mine was on livejournal and while some could leave anonymous comments, if they wanted to get more involved with me and my blog (following, leaving more comments) they had to have a livejournal account too.  Since 99% of the people already had a blog account here, they weren't going to go to livejournal, so I'm coming here. :)

The transition feels funny though...
Not only that, I'm going to lose all my friends that look for me on livejournal. :(

I've been anticipating this switch for a few months though, so I'm hoping it will go smoothly.

Following are the previous posts I made on livejournal that I transferred here for some background. :)

Click here for the Livejournal blog


  1. oh, thank you honey!!! I'm very excited to be here, although I'm still learning out to navigate this thing. :)


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