Thursday, October 13, 2011

girl with a dragon tattoo

remember this?

She now has a dragon tattoo... but still needs a background...

(new artwork is slow lately, working on special orders at the moment)

I've played with this artpiece quite a bit over the past few months digitally...
These are variations of the same drawing

Update 11/2/11
final drawing:


  1. Misty, this is so cool!!! Special orders, good for you!!! Have a great day my friend ;o)

  2. Hi Stacy!! Thanks!!! :D Yes, the special orders have been keeping me quite busy but it makes me happy that people get to request what they specifically want me to make them instead of me guessing! :D

    hahaha Debra, I'm too scared to get a tat that big but my best friend has one and I think its beautiful! I live vicariously through her and my art... :D

  3. love the face on this woman. powerful and serene.

  4. Thank you, Katherine! :D

    Hi Joss, so happy you see that! :)

    Many thank you's Donna! :)

  5. She has gone through so many transitions (and will continue to do so) but one thing remains the same, she's simply GORGEOUS!!!

  6. Nancy, LOL!!!!!
    oh how some pieces do that to us... You know I can't seem to let her go... ;)
    Thanks, mama! :)


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