Wednesday, March 16, 2011

MeOw - feeling frisky!

I’m feeling wickedly frisky… impish and sly - oh, but only in the sweetest of ways.
I’m feeling sleek with velvety vibrations stirring from somewhere secret.
Come closer…
I see wonder in your eyes begging revelation of its origination and dreamily, I drown in the depths of their captivating curiosity.
Come closer…
There’s a hum, a beat, a silky tune composed to contour only you.
Just a little closer…

(Inspirations by Nadia -

   I thought I already posted these... but I guess I hadn't... so here they are!

Olivia, the model


  1. So cute Misty! I am a cat lover, so I love these!

  2. Thanks Stacy!
    It seems people either love or hate feline things so its hit or miss but I can't help drawing them. :)

  3. Let's talk about Miss Olivia. Are her eyes ALWAYS that beautiful? No seriously, if so, I can totally understand why she gets away with so much w/ you! (wink) I pretty much want to scoop my soul out and hand it right over!! Sheesh..

    I'll be back for Feeling Frisky (great title!!)


  4. hahaha!!! OMG... YES!!!! Olivia looks at me like that ALL the time!! Its either that wide eyed adoring look or a pissed off smirk! HAHAHAA


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